Wondering if the charger you ordered is fake or original?

Your charging cable has gone faulty and  you are on the lookout to buy a new charger. Your nearest shopkeeper shows you a Samsung charger which seems to look all good, and you find the cost reasonably lower than the cost that the company charges on its official website. You buy it but the output is not up to mark but you don’t pay pay much heed. The exact consecutive week your newly purchased charger stops working or in the worst case scenario damage your phone. It may then dawn on you that the product you purchased was fake.

It is often tough to distinguish a fake product from an original one because the counterfeit industry has upped their game. And this becomes increasingly difficult if you have purchased the product online. We all fall prey to counterfeit product industry at sometime or the other. At times it is intentional and others it is not so intended.
Here are few tips to prevent you from paying for an original and getting home a duplicate product 🙂


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