Why should I CONSERVE Energy?


Life on Earth is driven by energy. 70 years into Independence and many rural areas in India are still grappling with no electricity. 85 to 90 % of the energy generated in the country is by way of Non-renewable sources.
National energy conservation day is observed all over India on December 14.

It is a day for building up awareness regarding –
– Need for energy conservation
– Energy efficiency
– Frugality in energy use

Why is conserving energy important?

  • Research suggests, we use energy faster than it can be produced. Coal, oil and natural gas – the most utilized sources take thousands of years for formation.
  • Energy resources are limited. India has approximately one percent of world’s energy resources but it consists of 16 percent of world’s population.
  • Most of the energy sources we use in our daily lives cannot be reused and renewed and may last only for another 40 years.
  • Saving energy also helps in reducing the pollution level. Energy production and its usage account to a large proportion of air pollution and more than 83 % of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Energy use is a major source of global warming, which has the potential of making the earth uninhabitable. As we are aware of the threatening fact that reserves of all conventional forms of energy are fast depleting.  Newer strategies need to be developed to increase greater reliance on non-exhaustible and non-conventional sources of energy so as to conserve exhaustible conventional resources like coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.
    Energy conservation is by far the most economical solution to energy shortages. This can be achieved by change in the individual habits & reduction in personal energy consumption. Lets make a change. Lets start today!

    Starranty Energy Conservation Week

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