A few years ago, Khar Police had arrested two office boys working at actor Saif Ali Khan’s Illuminati Films Pvt. Ltd. for stealing air conditioners from the Bandra office of the production house. This makes one wonder, why would someone go after an AC?

Well, thieves may target your home’s outdoor A/C unit for its precious metals and parts.  Air conditioner thieves aren’t after your entire cooling system, but just the condenser unit that sits outside.
Air conditioning units contain a large amount of valuable copper that well-trained thieves can strip from your system within minutes to sell as scrap metal. Unlike plumbing or electrical systems inside the home, outdoor A/C units are more vulnerable. Thieves can gain easy access at night or while you’re on vacation, and their theft may go unnoticed, as the units may not be currently utilized and they’re often installed in out-of-sight locations.
It may take only minutes for a thief to destroy an AC unit to harvest a small amount of copper. After dismantling the compressors and other parts, the remaining is sold as scrap. An AC theft will leave you with an inability to operate the system, and the harmful freon and electrical wires that may be exposed, puts you and your family at risk.
While installing an AC, depending on where you live, you’ll want to place your unit in a wise location that will deter thieves.

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