Weight saving tips during the 2018 Navratri – Diwali season

Yes, the time for celebration is here and it is not surprising that many people struggle to maintain a healthy focus in these festive months right upto New Year. If your fitness takes a back seat at this time of year, you’ll probably identify with some of the following problems:
  • I’m too busy with festive preparations to fit exercise into my day
  • I get invited to loads of indulgent pre and post Diwali parties
  • I love festivals but I also know that I overdo the eating and drinking
  • In January, I will have to try and make amends for the effects of the extensive festivities

If any of those phrases ring a few bells, these tips can help you. To enjoy the Diwali and Navratri celebrations to the fullest and maintain a healthy focus, simply check out our festive fitness guide which includes:

  • Maintenance exercise routines
  • Time efficient exercise strategies
  • Calorie saving ideas

Following these will ensure that when the festive season draws to a close, you don’t have a mountain to climb to get back in shape.

Maintenance exercise routines

One of the hardest things to do when your time is in short supply is to maintain an exercise routine. If you usually exercise a few times a week, the extra demands on your time can mean that something has to be given off the list. However, reduced training does not mean that your fitness levels have to drop completely. Research has proven that a couple of weeks of maintenance exercise can result in minimal or even no fitness losses.
Simply plan, inform and execute. Plan in some shorter and/or less frequent exercise sessions.

A little exercise is better than nothing

Accept that your workouts will be shorter but also realize that they can still provide training benefits. For example:

  • If you usually enjoy several jogging, treadmill or running sessions, cutting your training time by half will still keep you fit.
  • Instead of completing two or three sets of each resistance training exercise, reduce it to one or two sets.

Time efficient exercise strategies

In addition to focusing on maintenance training, you can also work around strategies within your workouts that save your time. An additional benefit of some time-saving strategies is that the quality of your training session also improves.

Cardiovascular (CV) workouts

Every workout should include a thorough warm-up and cool-down so there is no opportunity to save time there. However, in the main body of your session, there is an opportunity to reduce the duration but still get calorie burning and quality training benefits. Instead of doing a ‘steady-state’ CV session, try a few of the following time saving alternatives –

Five minutes brisk walk followed by an five minute easy walk

Whether you are jogging outdoors or working out on a treadmill, alternate faster efforts with equal time recoveries. You get a greater training effect than just a steady workout and so you can cut your session time down yet still remain fit.

A short, intense time-trial

Again, any piece of gym equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, can be used, or walking, jogging or running outside. Decide on a time or distance that you’re going to exercise for and then after your warm-up, really go for it against the clock. It’s tough – but great training and a shorter session brings as many benefits as your usual longer workout. Always remember to include a thorough cool-down afterwards.

Calorie saving ideas

Diwali is always a challenge to keep your calorie intake at normal levels but with a little planning you can still enjoy all the festivities and keep the calories in check. Simply try the three calorie saving ideas below to keep your weight under control this festive season…

Watch the home measures

If you only get three glasses of wine out of a bottle, your 80 calories a glass shoots up to 160 calories a glass, so stick to standard measures if you can.

Diwali trimmings

Standard potions of food stuffing, combined with other food items, savories and sweets can easily total over 500 calories. Stick to smaller food portions.

Diwali sweets

Diwali sweets, the laddos, the kalakands, the phirnis and the kheers are delicious – and also high in calories. For a change again stick to small portions and try some additional fruit to fill that craving.

Sleep is something our bodies and minds crave, so if you are having later nights, look at when you can do some catch-up. Try not to have a consecutive run of short sleeps.
Most people will struggle with limited time and tempting fare at this time of year but with a little planning, the festive season can be enjoyed and healthy. By training smartly and following a few sensible eating strategies, you can maintain your fitness, balance out your calories and stay in good shape.

Complements of the festive from all of us at Starranty and enjoy that fitness!

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