Water Purifier types to choose from


Pure and clean drinking water is a right denied to many. In metros such as Mumbai we are often faced with the question, which type of water purifier and brand to choose?
In this post, we try to cover the popular TYPES of water purifiers available namely Reverse Osmosis (RO) and (Ultra Violet) UV for purification but there are a whole lot of others to choose from as well.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers

In this purifier, water is purified using the RO technology that functions as the opposite of osmosis technology.

RO technology is recommended in areas where the quality of water is hard and water is high in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The RO purifier has a membrane that filters the dissolved solids and invisible particles. The RO system moves the molecules from a region of higher solute concentration to lower solute concentration by using the pressure of incoming water across the membrane and leaving the impurities behind.

A drawback of RO purifier is that it may remove some amount of essential minerals and alter the taste of water.

Ultra Violet (UV) Water Purifiers

This system works by means of  UV rays where the germs and microbes are destroyed with the help of UV rays after the RO stage and gives pure and healthy water. A tiny mercury lamp produces shortwave UV radiations that irradiate the water. The purifier uses a UV light source which is mounted in such a manner that; when water passes through, the UV light penetrates the cell of bacteria and destroys their ability to reproduce.
The germs are destroyed with UV rays after the RO stage and gives pure drinking water.

Multi-Stage Water Purifiers or Universal Water Purifiers

Universal Water purifiers use combination of water purification technologies to give clean and purified tasty drinking water.

  1. RO + UV Purifiers : this is the optimal combination technology used by companies to clean water and provided most purified water. These purifiers use both Reverse osmosis and Ultra-violet technology to remove viruses, germs, heavy metals and other dissolved impurities from water.
  2. RO + UV + UF Purifiers – this is considered to purify water from all kinds of impurities like bacteria, dissolved impurities and heavy metals. Some companies also use UF filters to make sure water is pure. Some companies use smart technology to check water TDS level.
    If the TDS level of water in your area is high these purifiers are recommended to be used to reduce TDS level and get best purified water for daily use.
    Maintenance cost is higher in Universal purifiers because they use a different combination of technologies that need to be serviced at regular interval of times for proper functioning of the water purifier.

For a UV water purifier, UV lamps requires annual replacement for better performance. After one year there is no assurance that the UV light gives sufficient disinfection.

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