Water Purifier Maintenance & Repair Services

Water purifiers are a necessity in our urban households. In the process of purification in RO based water purifiers, water is forced through semi permeable membranes which effectively removes most traces of chemicals and minute particles. Salinated, hard water or underground water carry excessive levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and thus it is recommended to use an RO based water purifier to filter water before domestic consumption.

While deciding on a water purifier, make sure to check the lifetime maintenance cost of the unit. Maintenance cost of any water purifier (including RO) depends primarily on following factors:

  • Type of water purifier: Technology used in a water purification like RO or RO+UV or RO+UV+UF mainly drive its maintenance requirements.
  • Rate of usage: Every unit is certified with optimal usage specification. Overuse will cause faster wear and tear and hence higher maintenance cost.
  • Quality of water: High level of water contamination in the area of residence requires more frequent replacement of parts like sediment and filters.
  • Quality of product: If you are purchasing a unit manufactured by a reputed brand then despite a initial higher purchase price; lifetime maintenance cost will be lower.
  • Service quality: A well reputed brand will have an extensive service franchisee network and offers better service quality in terms of responsiveness and technical expertise which in turns reduces the repetition of issues hence lesser maintenance cost.

 For your water purifier maintenance, repair and service requirements get in touch with Starranty.


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