Which Water Purifier Is Best For Municipal Water Supply?


Earth is covered with 71% of water and out of which only 1% of water is fit for human consumption. Acknowledging this fact , it is very important for all of us to ensure that we implement the usage of water judiciously and try reducing its wastage. Us urbanites are dependent on the municipal water supply to meet our water needs. No matter how good the community water purification techniques may be, it may contain harmful impurities, which can be detrimental to our health.

No doubt municipal water is supplied to homes only after it gets treated but, as it has to run through different pipes it is bound to get polluted. During the purification process in public water treatment plants, impurities are removed but, these old pipes and taps play a role in adding contaminants to the drinking water. Almost every water treatment plant uses chlorine to kill microorganisms in the drinking water and the presence of chlorine in drinking water is very harmful to health. When chlorine reacts with other impurities in water, it produces THMs (trihalomethanes), also known as carcinogens. When chlorine breaks down the pipes, it causes lead and other metallic particles to leach into water thereby making it polluted.

To ensure that your drinking water is pure and clean you can install a water purifier. There are different water purifiers in the market with different technologies and these are mentioned below.

  1. Gravity-Based Water purifier :- If your Municipal water does not contain any heavy metals or dissolved salts or if it has low TDS, you can buy the gravity water purifier. These type of water purifiers usually contain carbon filters and sediment filters that help in removing physical impurities and chlorine from the drinking water. The best advantage of the gravity water purifier is that it does not require electricity for the filtration process.  Gravity water purifiers are cost-effective in nature and can easily be purchased at the price range from 2-4 thousand.
  2. UV Water purifier :- If the municipal corporation water supply contains microorganisms and the TDS level of the water is low then having UV water purifier is the best option. UV water purification is highly capable of disinfecting and killing harmful microorganism that can cause water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. UV purification includes a high powered UV lamp with its high intensity all the harmful microorganism get deactivated. Pre-filtration is required before UV purification as the UV rays cannot work efficiently in turbid water. Therefore, select the one that also comes with pre-filter before the UV process.
  3. RO Water purifier :- When it comes to complete removal of all impurities from water and providing 100% pure drinking water, reverse osmosis is the most suitable and advanced water purification process. In this process, a semi-permeable membrane is used in which water is allowed to pass through it. Because of the very small pore size of the semi-permeable membrane, only pure water can pass through it leaving behind all the rest impurities. It is the only process that can remove heavy metals and dissolved salts from the drinking water. The presence of heavy metals in water can cause drastic effects on the human body. The water purification process is required in the water supply contains high TDS level (hard water). The RO water purifier is a bit expensive as compared to gravity and UV water purifiers.                                                                                                                                                                To buy the right water purification system for your family make sure you get your municipal water tested so that you can bring the best water purifier to your home. Only buying the right purifier can’t help you with pure and clean water, You need to service your water purifier periodically to stay healthy and protected.

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