Wall Painting to celebrate : National Energy Conservation Day

We strongly believe that “energy saved is energy earned” and are conscious of the fact that a well maintained appliance does help in curbing energy consumption. This motivates us to create awareness campaigns each year.
This year on the eve of National Energy Conservation Day (14th Dec) our chosen theme was “Community Art for Awareness”.
Community networking promotes community awareness and the  goal of community awareness is to increase the community’s knowledge of the highlighted issue. Visual art is a powerful medium even though it does not have a  measurable immediate effect. But it most often sows the seeds and you can hope that someone, somewhere reaps something valuable from it.
This was the objective of Starranty.com’s Awareness Campaign to celebrate National Energy Conservation Day, 2017.Murals are a wonderful way to interact with students and people of all types. The crackle of colours on old withered walls, played along with good imagery can make a passerby’s day. We took the bold step of moving out of the stereotypical depiction of energy conversation and decided to create something worth a chuckle. A mural that elicited response from passerbys. That is how we decided to build the concept around our beloved artist Mario Miranda’s famed characters.
Each person put in his or best in the capacity of a novice to do full justice to the authenticity of characters. The stories, the anecdotes, the love and appreciation we received was beyond words. We were successful in involving children who will be the flag bearers of this wonderful concept of conservation and painstakingly created two wall murals in high traffic areas in Chembur, Mumbai.
Energy efficiency is a journey. We all need to join in.
Starranty.com hopes to spread this message far and wide.


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