Are you using your AC correctly?

As the summer and hot waves are fast approaching, our dependency on Air conditioners will gradually increase, let us imbibe the correct method for the use of this machine.

Most people are habituated in switching on and running their ACs on 20-22 degrees. When they feel cold (which is in a bit), they cover themselves with sweaters, blankets and bed-sheets. Why Oh Why??

Did you know that the temperature of our body is 36.5-37.5 degree Celsius? Well, it is.
The fact remains that our body can tolerate temperatures ranging between 23 degrees to 39 degrees easily which is called human body temperature tolerance. When the surrounding temperature is lower or higher, then our body reacts, by sneezing, shivering, etc.

When you run the AC at 19-20-21 degrees, room temperature which is much lower than the normal body temperature, it kickstarts a process called hypothermia in the body. Hypothermia affects blood circulation, whereby, the blood supply to some parts of the body is not adequate. There are many disadvantages to this in long term such as arthritis, joint pain, etc.

When you run the AC at lower temperatures, the compressor has to continuously run consuming more energy. Despite the fact that your AC may be an energy efficient AC with a 5 star rating, excessive power is consumed & this is reflected in your energy bills.

If you are wondering what is the best way to run your AC ?? Then the answer is quite simple – Set the temperature of your Air Conditioner to 24-25 Degrees.
You don’t gain any benefit by first setting the temperature of your AC to 20 – 21 and then wrapping the sheet/ quilt around you. Its a loss.
It is always prudent to run the AC at 25+ degrees and if required switch on the fan at a lower speed. While it is not also feasible to run the AC at an ambient temperature in an office setting, it is always possible to do in our homes.

This simple act ensures that your body temperature will be in the ambient range and there will be no ill effects to your health in the long run. Another advantage to this is that the AC will consume less electricity and this saving will ultimately reflect in your electricity bills and also help reduce the effects of global warming caused by CFC’s. Remember boondh boondh se banta sagar.

Please consider the above and do not run your AC below 25 degrees. Be conscious and keep your body and environment healthy. In case of repair requirements call Starranty 🙂

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