Common TV problems we encounter


Some common TV complaints we receive – 

Problem # 1 : I am getting a blank screen pretty often
An issue that can lead to a blank image on the screen of your LCD TV is a problem with the power inverter. The backlight on your LCD TV has a power inverter that could go bad as well. When this happens, you may need to replace the inverter or the capacitor. When an inverter is not functioning properly, it could look like the backlight is not working, when in reality, it is functioning fine. In some cases, the power supply for the TV itself may not work correctly. When this happens, you will not be able to turn the TV on or display any images on the screen. If the power inverter for the backlight is not working, you will still be able to turn the TV on, but it will not display any images. When the power supply isn’t working, you will not even be able to turn the TV on.  If you can turn the TV on, but you are not seeing anything on the screen, try shining a light on the screen from an external light source, such as a flashlight. If you can see images or text displayed on the screen, it means that the TV is still working and the backlight is the issue. Your TV could require either a backlight or a power inverter replacement.

Problem # 2 : No picture, but all I see is snow
The first thing to do here is to verify that everything is hooked up properly, and that the signal source you want to watch hasn’t been changed. If you find no problem here, then you may have a set-top box problem, or your satellite provider is down. Contact your service company for details on the problem you might be having.

Problem # 3 : My TV doesn’t work right since my child started playing with it
Children seem to have a real understanding of electronic equipments, and some of them love to fiddle around with the menus. Some of them will even add their own passwords and setup their own access codes. It’s rare that they can do any real harm so make sure that they tell you what they’ve done so you’ll be able to enjoy your own programs. So if you still experience issues, all you need to do it reset to factory settings.

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