Tips to help you select your next water purifier


  1. Water Quality : Asses the quality of water and accordingly choose a filter which can purify it the best.
  2. Electric/ Non-electric: If the place you live in has erratic power supply then you may consider an RO purifier or a UV with storage.
  3. Storage: Not all purifiers have storage option. If you wish to collect purified water or your locality has power supply issues, you should opt for a storage type. The capacity of the storage tank may be an important factor too.
  4. Purification technique: Each purification method has its limitations in eliminating all the impurities present in the water. Different purifiers use different methods of purification. Depending upon the type of water, impurities and contaminants the purification method has to be chosen accordingly. Modern purifiers use two or more purification technique to ensure better quality of water.
  5. Stages of purification: No single technique of purification works good so water is purified in stages. Each stage uses a different purification technique. More the number of stages more cleaner the water.
  6. Quality of purification: Purified water should be potable, odor free and free from all hazardous elements.
  7. Ease of Operation: The operation should be simple and easy. It is not worth a struggle for just a glass of water
  8. Quality of material used: The material should be food grade, non-toxic, rust proof and durable. Aluminum reacts with salts and minerals and poses health hazardous. ABS plastics are testified.
  9. TDS: Water has some elements essential for our body. During purification process these are also eliminated completely at times. Some purifiers have TDS management where the essential minerals and salts are retained. TDS control adds the minerals at the last stage of purification.
  10. Capacity: It’s the quantity of pure water the filter can purify in an Hour(L/hr).
  11. Maximum duty cycleMaximum water that can be purified in a day.
  12. Purification capacity (life of the filter): is the total quantity of water it can purify. A filter change is recommended after that.
  13. Wall mounting: You can choose from over the counter or wall mounting. Some purifiers have both the option.
  14. Aesthetics: Some models have very sleek design. You can choose one matching your kitchen décor or one that is concealed.
  15. Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC): The filters need replacement after their life or time period. Its better if you opt for the AMC.


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