Stay chilled this Indian summer


Air conditioners are not the only ones keeping you cool. Here is a list of commonly available super-hydrating stuff that contains high water content and are a must to beat the heat this summer.

1) Eating raw fruits and veggies ensures that the water content in them is most effectively used by the body. Fruits like water melon, oranges, papayas and melons are yummy and hydrating. Cucumbers and tomatoes also have high water content in them. Surprising , onions are also known for their cooling properties. Increase your daily intake of these readily available fruits & veggies during the hot summer months.

2) Dairy products does not only imply ice creams. Curd and buttermilk are very effective coolants too. Make sure to have a bowl of yoghurt or dahi with each of your meals. Yoghurt with fruits or a sweet-spicy glass of buttermilk or a glass of sweetened creamy milk (Lassi) makes for yummylicious options thus increasing your water intake. Switching to a simple meal of curd rice for dinner during the summers keeps you feeling light and healthy.

3) Coconut water deserves a separate spot for all the benefits it includes. Its advantages are numerous. Luckily for Mumbaikars, we have an Anna selling us tender coconut water (Nariyal paani) at every street corner. Don’t let this life saver go out of business (even though they are steeply priced at Rs 40/-). It has simple and easy digestible sugars and essential minerals which will keep you hydrated and sailing heartily through the summer months.

4) Herb infused waters: Each region of India has its own stack of natural coolant and infused water recipes and one such is saunf sherbet from Gujarat. Saunf or fennel is extensively used in India as an after dinner mint because it not only improves digestion but also reduces bad breath. Fennel has cooling & rich antioxidant properties. You can prepare fennel water by cooking the seeds in boiling water and cooling it or by simply soaking the seeds overnight, straining the water and consuming it. You can add sugar or honey to sweeten it as per your taste. It tastes best when chilled. Other popular infusions are mint, cucumber, lemon, and ginger.

It goes without saying that reminding yourself to drink lots of water (even when in doors) is super necessary. Stay well hydrated and this will help you tide the heat wave smoothly 🙂

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