Starranty poster walk on energy conservation has been working towards creating awareness about the importance of conservation. We have in our own little way been successful in creating and implementing meaningful campaigns. The Balti Challenge on re-using the AC condensate water was one such initiative.

With the participation of Students of St Gregorios school,  a poster walk  was organised in Chembur, Mumbai on 14th December- National Energy Conservation Day. The objective of the poster walk was to educate the common man about the need for energy conservation. A nukkad natak highlighting the perils of excessive use of energy and the need to conserve was performed by Starranty team mates.

Starranty energy conservation nukkad natak

200 students, teachers, school support staff and the Principal – Mrs. Rashmi Ambavane participated in the awareness rally spreading the message on energy conservation and sensitizing passer-bys. The enthusiastic involvement and the dedication displayed by the students to spread the message was remarkable and commendable.
The poster walk was a step towards making a long term impact and was part of the week long celebration conducted in the school. This week long program included sensitizing kids towards renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, alternate sources of energy & behavioral changes aimed at conservation. Specially designed student engagement programs were conducted by Starranty team mates for all students from standard 1 to standard 8. The children enjoyed the fun-way and took home the message of energy conservation.

The celebration concluded with poster and essay competitions which compelled the children to think beyond and provide brilliant ideas for a brighter and greener future. We believe children are the future and once ignited their minds can do great wonders.
Being energy conservant is a way of life and not restricted to a single day of the year. Buying energy efficient appliances, looking for star rating, maintaining them well, judiciously using the energy provided to us are few ways by which we can do our bit.
Lets Educate Ourselves. Lets Learn to Conserve!

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