Did you realize that your Air conditioning unit could be the cause of your headache?
Not for most people but for some people its’ a definite YES. AC is more of a necessity than comfort these days, but too many homeowners and office goers pay the price of health problems associated with a constant conditioned environment. Read on some reasons why air conditioning could be causing you headaches and tips on how to solve the issue.


Here are 3 reasons your Air conditioning system can give you a headache (and what you can do about it).

1) Cold, dry air causes dehydration :

The function of the AC is not only to cool the air but also to lower the humidity. Lowering humidity is advantageous especially during summer months, but excessively dry air can dehydrate you. And even mild dehydration can cause mild to moderate headaches.

What you can do :  Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when your AC runs often. Also, you can install a humidifier to work alongside your AC, so that the humidity of your home environment stays at a conducive level.

2) Cold air can give you a mild brain freeze :

According to some research, cold temperature stimulates the trigeminal nerve, causing the brain’s blood vessels to constrict and thus causes a headache.

What you can do : If you feel that you are beginning to experience a headache, then try turning up the temperature on your AC thermostat (to make the temperature warmer) and check if that helps alleviate your symptoms.

3) Your AC can spread mold :

Mold or fungi, which can cause headaches, may be living on your AC and get distributed around your home whenever the AC runs.

Well, if you have been wondering how does mold get there in the first place? Well the answer is that your air conditioner’s indoor unit is dusty, damp and warm. This is the conducive environment for mold spores to thrive and grow on the indoor unit’s evaporator or cooling coil. Each time you  switch on the AC, this is circulated into the environment.

What you can do : To prevent mold growth on the coil, make sure your AC gets professional preventive maintenance once a year. It is a great idea to service your AC units especially before the advent of Mumbai summers and the start of the dust and pollen rich mild winters. Periodic cleaning of the AC ensures that it remains fuss and dust free to give you maximum performance.

Hope the above tips help you tide over Air Conditioning related headaches 🙂

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