Must haves for Mumbai chills – Starranty

Mumbai is experiencing climate like never before. We are ducking under our blankets and refusing to keep the windows open. How do we brace ourselves for this dip in temperature that we never anticipated? Read on to get some ideas on how to survive the cold Mumbai winds.

1. JACKETS, But what kind?

Puffer Jacket – Puffer jackets are fun and fashionable; buy bright colors rather than classic black or grey. They look really amazing and they provide the much needed warmth.

Leather Jacket – Leather jackets are very versatile, you can wear it anywhere/anytime and they look very chic but at the same time it also help you to stay warm to a certain extent. Hop to the many stores in Dharavi to pick up a classy one for yourself.

Bomber Jacket –  Bomber jackets are useful for Mumbai weather and they come in various fabrics, try the one in velvet for a more chic appeal.

2. Sweaters/ Cardigans/Pullovers/Overcoats

I am a bid fan of button down sweaters/Cardigans. I like sweaters which are easy to wear, more like pull-it-over-the-head sweaters.

Layering – Layering is one of the most common things we do during the winters. Here are some cool ideas–

1 – Floor length dusters over tees/dresses/shirts.

2 – Reuse your summer dresses with tights and Chambray / Demin Shirt.

3 – Long sleeves under short sleeves.

4 – Chunky sweater over long sleeves fitted tops.

5 – Belt it up – Your cardigans/over coats.

6 – Button Up shirts under your sweaters/vest/cardigans.

7 – Layer your socks as well, ankle socks over high knee length socks.

8 – Turtle neck – winter or no winter, a must have.

9 – Layer your knitted dresses with colorful cardigans/sweaters.

10 – Oversize & colorful scarf or neck warmers.

GO on and rock the Mumbai winter while it lasts. Lastly, lots and lots of hot hot chai 🙂

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