Mind blowing Microwave Hacks



We love our Quickfixes, don’t we?  Your microwave is the one go to appliance for quick dinner fixes and late night movie popcorn. This appliance is truly capable of much more and is not always used to its fullest potential.  In this post, we write about how to improve our food–and our lives–by using the microwave in these awesome, new ways.

– Revitalize that leftover pizza or bread :
If you ever have slices of leftover pizza and need to reheat them, put a glass of water in the microwave along with your pizza to stop the dough from going hard and chewy. You can do the same for bread, doughnuts and other baked goodies
– Fresh sterilized soil:
People with a green thumb will agree that plants have better success rates when planted in sterilized soil.  If you’re planting seeds, sterilize the soil you’re planting them in by first heating it in the microwave to help keep your plants healthier.
– Chop onions without tearing up:
Simply cut off the ends and place the onion in your microwave for full 30 seconds. It does warm the onion a little bit but not having to deal with stinging, teary eyes is definitely worth it.
– Juice out maximum from the lemons:
To get the most amount of juice from lemons or limes, place them in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds before juicing.
– Easily melt chocolate:
Melting bowls of chocolate in your microwave is much easier than the gas top. No more messiness around with pans and simmering water. You just need to pop the choco blocks in the microwave, keep checking and stirring it every few seconds so that it doesn’t burn.
– Get the crunch back into chips:
If you forgot to seal the bag of potato chips, have no worries! Place them on a plate or paper towel and heat them on high for 10 seconds in the microwave. If they still aren’t crispy enough, put them in for another 5-10 seconds on high. Voila.
– Peel food items like a pro
The chore of peeling food items like a tomato, peach or even garlic is known to all. Just heat these items in a microwave for 30 secs and let is cool afterwards. Thee peel will slide off easily.
– Toasting nuts and spices
Make nuts and spices beautifully aromatic by popping them into the microwave with some whole spices placed in the bowl. Power it on for 15 secs to 2 minutes with brief moments of stirring . Enjoy.

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