Purchasing a smaller appliance—say, an iron box, blender or toaster—online is one thing, but what about big-budget items, like the refrigerator or washing machine? In the era of E-commerce online purchase may look like an obvious alternative to some, but a nagging thought for the other. The cautious buyer is always on the lookout for a good deal but also wants a reassurance to the above question. Now coming back to the topic : 

Taxes applicable

The tax rules are complicated and vary, so the best policy is to assume that the tax will be included and will mostly be shown near purchase. So always make sure to check if the price of the appliance is inclusive or exclusive of tax.

Window shop before you shop

Spending thousands of rupees on a refrigerator, TV, or other high-priced appliance without first seeing it in person can be a big leap of faith. That’s why we recommend a first hand visit to a showroom before you make the big purchase online. Be on the lookout for delicate parts, tricky controls, tough operating modules, or other flaws that could be annoying, especially on appliances that you need every day.

Peer reviews

Customers who have purchased the product and are using it are the right candidates to share the actual user experience. Look for useful tips in these reviews.

Window shop before you shop online

Many retail stores offer free take-away of old units or provide a reduction of few rupees in exchange. Online shoppers typically have to get rid of their appliances on their own.

Warranty Card

For all online purchase you make, the warranty date is presumed to start from the date of purchase. Also check for OEM warranty terms and conditions.

Buying is a skill and online buying is a skill one adapts to. Each website is different and offers a different set of Unique propositions; some are rich in customer experience and the other offer a great bargain on price. An appliance success rate depends on the after sale service offered by the brand and this is never governed by the point or medium of sale.

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