Starranty Credit CardAre you going to take advantage of an upcoming Sale on Appliances?  While everyone loves a great deal, it’s important to make sure you’re buying the right appliances for you, your home and your loved ones. Fortunately, a little bit of research can save you another trip to the retail or online store to return the product.

Here are a few reasons plus some thoughts that can save you the hassle of a return and help you choose the appliances that work best for you.

Is it the right appliance for the job?
Apart from mechanical, electrical or functional defects, unmet expectations about performance are by far the top reason appliances are returned.
Ask the retailer for an in-store product demonstration before you buy, including trying it out for yourself. Consider the set-up process.
Is the appliance a good fit?
Size matters, and many appliances are returned because they’re too small or do not fit the slot.
Ask a sales representative if you may remove the appliance from the package before you buy it to make sure it’s the right size for you and your home.
Does it match?
Choosing the right size, color and model is a big deal. Second thoughts about those, or later finding a preferred model, are both common reasons for returns.
Spend time researching what you want to buy, and get a sense of the different sizes, colors, styles and models available.

Research is key to finding the appliances you want and need the first time around. OEM’s have a number of resources available, including their websites and online instruction manuals, to customers who want to learn more about their products.

Take your time choosing the perfect appliance as it is a long standing relationship 🙂

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