How do I clean my freezer?

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Because the freezer is a place for long-term storage, it’s easy to forget what we have placed inside. Cleaning the refrigerator freezer is usually the most neglected tasks of all. If you have ever spilt any liquid while transferring a container to the freezer and left it there, you’ve got a bad freezer smell waiting to happen. One day you’ll open the door and suddenly notice that the freezer smells bad.

How to Clean a Freezer 

These days there are two types of freezer: the traditional models that fill with ice and have to be defrosted before cleaning; and the newer frost-free versions that don’t. If you have the latter, you’re going to find the cleaning process a lot faster; defrosting a traditional freezer can take some time – you’ll need to monitor the process closely, or you may end up with water all over your flooring.

Before you get to the cleaning part, you will need to do the following steps :

1. Turn off the Refrigerator : Switch your freezer off or unplug the unit, whichever is easier.
2. Empty the ice: Empty the ice trays into a bowl. Soak the trays in a sink full of warm and soapy water.
3. Empty the freezer: Take out all the frozen food and put it into a cooler.
4. Remove and wash all detachable drawers and shelves: Let the units come to room temperature before cleaning to avoid cracking. Once they’ve warmed up, wash them in a sink full of warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and set aside to dry.
5. Make a cleaning solution: Make a solution with equal parts of hot water and vinegar. Transfer to a spray bottle and liberally spray the inside of the freezer.
6. Wipe the inside : Wipe out the freezer with a sponge or wash cloth. Re-apply the cleaning solution as required.
7. Wipe down the doors and door seal: Don’t forget to wipe down the freezer door and the surrounding seal. You can use a toothbrush to help you here but remember to be gentle.
8. Dry the inside: Dry the inside of the freezer thoroughly with a paper towel or dish towel.
9. Replace the shelves and drawers: After the inside of the freezer is completely dry, replace the shelves and drawers.

10. Replace all food, ice, and turn the unit back on. Take a look through your frozen foods as you place everything back in the freezer. Junk anything that has developed freezer burn or is beyond expiry and organize your remaining food by priority.
Lastly don’t forget to switch the freezer on and marvel at your hard work.

Food trapped in ice is often a source of bad smell in the freezer, so defrosting & cleaning it will almost immediately solve the problem 🙂

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