“ …If we teach our kids to be more environmentally aware at an earlier age, being efficient and resourceful will be instinctual…” What a noble thought!!

As children, we are all taught to save for the future. Energy conservation and judicious use of resources need to be imbibed in kids early. Try this simple list.

  1. Awareness and education. In order for kids to understand conserving energy, they need to understand where it comes from and what is energy. Have small discussions with your children on the subject of energy, explaining where energy and electricity comes from.
  2. Explore the outdoors with them. Rather than weekend trips to the mall, take your children on nature walks, treks or to the beach. Let them get to know and understand the natural enjoyment of being outdoors. Camping is a great way to get the family together and have kids disengage with television and video games.
  3. “Turn it Off” Time. Challenge your loved ones to take few hours a day, without the use of electricity. Use your imagination in a new way and plan the time around family activities, like a board game evening.
  4. You save, they save. Besides helping the environment, saving energy can also save on bills. When you and your family save money, your child saves too! Reward their hard work by having them choose what the money they saved should be saved for.
  5. Plant a garden. Gardens naturally help the environment, even small container ones. A garden can give your child more responsibility and teach them about plants and natural resources. You can grow together, like herbs and vegetables. Kids take pride in their own creations.
  6. Conserve together. Create rules specifically for conserving energy. If you reduce your shower time, have your child do the same. Everyone should be expected to turn off the lights when they leave a room. Not to keep the refrigerator open for long. Using the AC in the correct mode with the correct settings. Lead by example. 
  7. Engage them and open them to concepts of healthy eating and healthy living. Explain to them that there is just one mother earth and she needs to be preserved. 


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