What the heck is Netflix anyway?


Here is Netflix decoded for you. Netflix is an American entertainment company, that specializes in and provides streaming media online.
It works as a monthly subscription service that offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies. In addition to favorites across other networks, Netflix also produces and creates its own original critically acclaimed TV series like House of Cards, Orange Is The New, etc.

Now before you do the happy dance read ahead. Just because Netflix is available in India does not mean you can access the entire Netflix content library.
Well, this is attributed to worldwide content licensing norms. Netflix may only be able to show certain titles in certain countries. These limits depend on your IP address – American IP addresses can access American Netflix, Indian IP addresses can access Indian Netflix, etc.

Netflix is a subscription service with the following three tiered plans:

  • Basic 
    • Full access to all Netflix content in India.
    • Watch on all supported Netflix devices.
    • Limited to 1 device streaming at any given time.
  • Standard 
    • All of the above Basic features.
    • Ability to stream in 720p and 1080p HD.
    • Limited to 2 devices streaming at any given time.
  • Premium 
    • All of the above Standard features.
    • Ability to stream in 4K Ultra HD.
    • Limited to 4 devices streaming at any given time.
      In other words, the only difference between the plans is the maximum streaming quality and the number of simultaneous streams, which will matters if you have a large household or you intend to share your Netflix account.

      What Can You Watch on Netflix?

      In terms of content variety, Netflix runs nearly every genre imaginable to you, in one form or the other. There is a whole lot of mainstream TV content and movies, but you may also find that many of your favorites aren’t included. The Netflix library updates on a regular basis. Every month, some titles expire and are removed while new titles are added in.

      Netflix’s biggest draw till date is its commitment to creating original content. For example popular shows like the :

      • Chef’s Table
      • Daredevil
      • House of Cards
      • Narcos
      • Stranger Things

      Netflix’s second biggest draw is its collection of movies.
      Yet, while majority of your friends are considering and few of them are moving in that direction, it may not be a good move for you.
      Netflix in itself is great, but there are several pitfalls to cutting the cord and questions to ask before cancelling that Hathway | TATA sky cable connection. Some of the more important considerations include:

      • A fast, stable internet connection is crucial
        If your internet is too slow, the video quality suffers. If it cuts out frequently, you’ll have to start and stop every time. So you need to fix this before you Netflix.
      • Data caps are the limiting factor
        Depending on the video quality, Netflix consumes anywhere from 0.3 GB to 7 GB per hour. Whoa! If you watch four hours per day, that’s 36 to 840 GB per month.
      • Netflix has no concept of live shows
        This MAY change in the future. However, for now you can’t watch anything like news or sports feeds, nor can you watch episodes as they air. So if you an IPL fan, think before you make that cut.

      To truly replace cable TV, you’ll probably need Netflix along with one or two other streaming services to fill the gaps.

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