Why our customer service is not outsourced ?


Customer service is our most important metric. We believe that the quality of a company’s customer service is most imperative of the many factors that go into a making or breaking a company’s reputation.  Researchers has proven that more than half of the consumers prefer the human touch when it comes to customer service, with only 42% reporting they were satisfied with either self-assist or agent-assisted customer service channels. Even as the world makes incredible advances in technology and automation, we decided to talk & communicate in as many ways in order to deliver consistent, excellent customer service. It is mostly amusing to note that most appliance OEM’s in India outsource this very important aspect of customer interaction. They spend big bucks on sales, marketing and discounts to find new customers only to turn around and outsource the critical one-on-one first contact – CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sometimes it often leaves us wondering “IN WHICH PART OF THE COUNTRY IS MY CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL BEING ANSWERED?”
There is such a huge gap between what we communicate to the call center and what is the final turnout. Appliance break downs can be debilitating take for an instance a washing machine or refrigerator breakdown and empathy is the one most important factor that we expect out of the person we communicate this to. We decided to reverse this scenario.

Customer service is our core competency. It sets us apart from our competitors. Add to it our brigade of trained, meticulously verified and uniformed technicians. Here’s what sets our service apart –

We genuinely interact :
We respond quickly and enthusiastically. We genuinely talk with our customers and hear their problems. Our customers turn to us in some of their most difficult times (especially summers when the AC is not cooling or the rains when the dryer isn’t spinning), so being easy to work with is one of our highest priorities. Each one of us interacts as a person representing Starranty.  The ethos of the company are deeply ingrained in all our team mates. You will hear our smile through the phone 🙂
With us its an ongoing process :
With Starranty it is never the beginning or the end of a job – It is an ongoing relation and we love to keep it that way. Our work does not end with the completion of a service entrusted on us. We make sure that we have captured all the details of your asset to help assist you in the future. We maintain a complete history of your appliance serviced and also track warranty details on your behalf. We call, we email and always give your a detailed rundown of the issue with your appliance and the repair we have undertaken.
We take customer feedback seriously and work on them :
In an appliance repair and maintenance setup it is very easy to have an unhappy customer but we always turn it around. We take genuine customer feedback very seriously and work on it. We wouldn’t ask, if we wouldn’t care.
You can call us anytime:
Our number is never switched off. There are never unanswered, missed calls, confusing IVR selections or long waits (that put you off to sleep). You are assured of a conversation with us. On many websites the contact information is buried deep down and when you find it, it’s a contact form or an e-mail address, which entails one way communication. We take the exact opposite approach. We flaunt our phone number (it’s 9769069069) and email id (helpdesk@starranty.com) because we actually want our customers to reach out to us.

We love interacting with you and are happy to communicate. Try us and spoil yourself for a change 🙂

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