Your detergent could be ruining your clothes


We will all agree that with the advent and rise of internet marketing and online sales, few of us prefer the use-and-throw clothing model rather than investing in expensive garments. Along with purchase of garments, maintaining them is an art we master as age progresses. The care that we give to the expensive zari saree may not be the same that we shower upon the tee brought online. There is actually a science behind using the correct detergents to wash garments such as to achieve the results that we wish to without damaging the garment.

Here are few options to know before using the detergents that maybe causing more harm to your clothing than you know.
Knowing when to purchase quality clothes is the first step in cutting the problem from the source. If you make this investment from the beginning, there’s less of a chance for your clothes to be easily destroyed by chemical-infused detergents and other harsh conditions they might be put under.

Understand what the product does

The durability of garments that you purchase cannot be directly controlled by you but you can still take extra precautions with what you put on them when you wash them.      As you might know, laundry detergents are filled with chemicals both to make them work and to make them last longer on the shelf.

You need not have a thorough understanding of every chemical and substance that goes into your washing powder but there are some that you should be on the lookout  for.

  • Scented detergents: Did you know that scented detergents can actually be worse for your clothes than unscented? Even though your clothes might smell nicer and seem cleaner, the chemicals used to create that fragrance can slowly deteriorate your favourite clothings as they cling on them for longer.
  • Bleach: Before using bleach, be sure to check the tags on your clothes. While most cotton clothes can be bleached, there are some specific pieces you might own that can’t be bleached. Additionally, avoid bleaching anything made from silk, spandex, or wool, as bleach has the potential to permanently damage them.

    Condition Your Clothes

    Just as you would condition your hair after rinsing away the shampoo, it’s also important to condition your clothes to protect its fibres from the damage that regular cleaning products might have caused.

    However, athleisure and/or gym clothes should not to be conditioned because it might affect the stretch that is directly related to their ability in supporting you in extraneous activities. This can also be true for other clothes made out of synthetic materials.

    Apparently, it’s not only washing products that can cause harm to your clothe, some hygiene products like deodorant, rubbing alcohol, body sprays, and perfumes can have acid and alcohol in them that aren’t good to get excessive amounts on your clothes. These chemicals can cause faint staining and discolouration, especially if the products sit on the fabric for long.


    You can do more to care for your clothes than just separating the whites from the coloured ones. It starts by knowing when to purchase quality clothes and then actively making an effort to extend their lifespan by avoiding detergents that can do more harm than good! Also be aware of the wash cycles used in your washing machines.

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