Confused about buying an AC?

Summer is here and it is time to take care of ourselves from melting in the sweltering heat.  Air conditioners are no longer a premium segment requirement and are now a household entity. With a plethora of brands out there backed with some fabulous features, AC’s cover a wide price range  and this has made it quite an affordable product .

Today as we spoke with few of our friends who are in the midst of an AC purchase; we realized that how poorly informed we are about buying an AC unit best suited to our needs. It can be quite tricky which might push us to buy a wrong one, not quite fulfilling our requirements. Thus, we will highlight the factors that you will have to consider before buying an AC for your home.

Things to bear in mind while purchasing an A/c –

  1. Area of your house :- Do you know, you must consider the capacity of an AC before buying it and it entirely depends on your room size. A room which is smaller than 140 sq. ft., a 1 ton AC will do the work of cooling quite efficiently. A 140 sq. ft. to 180 sq ft. room will require a 1.5 ton AC, whereas any room bigger than that will require a 2 ton AC. Hence, make sure to buy an AC that will resonate with the size of your room.
  2. Energy Efficiency :- The cost of electricity is higher than before, which makes it absolutely vital to buy an AC that will suck less energy and provide the best cooling. Hence, buy an AC with higher BEE star rating which indicates better energy saving without compromising on the cooling factor. Higher the star ratings of an AC, lesser the power it consumes. This, however, does not mean that you should always go for a 5-star rated AC. The decision should mainly be based on your usage pattern. “If you are going to run the AC for few hours daily, then a 3-star rated AC is good enough.”  Also, lower star-rated ACs usually have higher air circulation rate, so your room cools faster.
  3. Split vs Window :- This is an eternal war whenever it comes to buying an AC- split or window AC. Let us tell you, both do the primary work, i.e. the work of cooling quite efficiently; however both have their own sets of pros and cons. While window units are quite pocket-friendly, they are not as smooth or aesthetically pleasing as split air conditioners. While split ACs provide better air dispersion, window units are easier to install. Hence, know what you want from your AC and accordingly buy one.
  4. Condenser Type :- There are two types of condenser coils  available, namely copper and aluminium condensers. Copper condensers will have longer life as it resists corrosion better than aluminium, but it costs higher. Aluminium (MCHX, Alloy, Multi-Channel) condensers will cost economical, but the life of the AC will be lesser especially in coastal areas. Buying a unit with  copper condensers is suggested.
  5. Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning :- Not everyone is aware of the fact that the performance of an AC is largely based on the installation (good or bad). Hence, it is important to get your AC installed by an authorized dealer or a professional. Split ACs are way more complicated than a window AC when it comes to installation. Apart from the fact that there are some ACs which require low maintenance, others require high maintenance. Hence, get a clear instruction from your dealer about how often your AC should be cleaned to give better performance.

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