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The running or operating amperage of an air conditioning compressor is directly related to the load put on the compressor motor. The biggest reason your AC unit consumes so much electricity is to run the compressor. Problems in the refrigeration system may affect the amperage drawn by the compressor. Loose wire connections and overheating can also cause high amperage draw. On the other hand, an inefficient compressor draws lower amperage. What are the reasons for the failure of an Air Conditioner Compressor? Read on to

  • Poor Maintenance
    Compressors don’t get burnt out because of poor maintenance on the compressor. Over a period of time the air conditioning condenser coils can become clogged with dust, dirt, and debris. This restricts air flow through the coils and causes pressures and temperatures to rise inside the air conditioner condenser including the compressor. Under extreme operating conditions the air conditioner compressor has to work harder to compress and pump the refrigerant through the air conditioner. When the compressor works harder it pulls more amperage which causes it to run hotter than normal. If the AC compressor exceeds its normal rated operating temperature things inside the compressor start to break down and eventually over time the compressor will fail and the result is compressor burn out.
  • Restriction in the Refrigerant Lines
    A restriction can also cause a compressor to burn out. Compressor burnout can occur as a result of damage to the refrigeration line set. The copper lines that run between the condenser and the evaporator coil can be damaged or crimped which will restrict the flow of refrigerant. This refrigerant flow restriction causes an imbalance in the pressures of the air-conditioning  which causes the air conditioner compressor to work harder. This causes higher compressor operating temperatures and amp draws which leads to burn out especially under extreme operating conditions.
  • Moisture in the refrigeration system
    Moisture in the refrigeration system will eventually cause compressor burn out and is usually a result of poor installation. The oil in the refrigeration system mixes with moisture and creates an acidic sludge that slowly eats away at the windings on the compressor motor. It is important that the technician uses proper installation practices when installing a new air conditioner or the service technician uses the proper methods and procedures when opening the air conditioner system for any reason. A triple evacuation with nitrogen purge in many cases will eliminate all moisture and non-condensable gases in the air-conditioning or heat pump system.
  • Oil loss from refrigerant leaks
    Can be another reason. Whenever there is a refrigerant leak; oil from the system also leaks out through the same hole where the refrigerant is escaping. The proper oil level is necessary for good lubrication and also cooling the compressor.
    Compressor is one of the expensive components in an Air Conditioner. A compressor failure can set you back by 12,000 to 17,000 rupees depending on brand and model.

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