When chillars affect the performance of your washing machine!


Do you often forget to empty your pockets before throwing your clothes into the washing machine? Occasionally, forgotten coins make their way past the inner washtub and become trapped in the exterior washtub, drain hose or pump. Coins can get stuck inside the exterior wash tub, drain hose or the pump. If you find that this is the case, you should remove them immediately, as they could cause serious damage to your unit.  If your washing machine is unusually noisy like knocking scraping or scratching, then it could be because of  the foreign objects stuck in the drum.

Washing machine manufacturers usually design the machines to make coins easy to remove; the procedure involves minimal disassembly, and you may have to remove the drainage pump, which is easier to do than it sounds.
So in case you have some chillar stuck inside your washing machine, try following the steps below :

  1. Make sure your unit is completely disconnected from its power source.
  2. Locate the drain pump, depending on your model you may or may not need to remove the front panel or just your access panel underneath the front of the washing machine
  3. Next, use a pair of pliers to squeeze the hose clamp ends.
  4. Slide the clamps from the pump and over the hose, and then pull the hoses from your pump.
  5. Unscrew the screws holding the drain pump to the cabinet of the unit and then remove the pump from the cabinet.
  6. Take a look inside the pump to find any of your missing chillars or coins, if you need to, then gently shake the pump.
  7. Find where the drain pump is connected to the exterior washtub. Take the pliers and squeeze both ends of the hose clamp, and then slide it down the hose away from the washtub. After you pull the drain hose from the washtub, shake the hose in order to remove any coins that have been trapped.
  8. For this next step, you may require the help of another person. Pull your washing machine out from the wall, and then lift up on the front side of the washer cabinet so that any lost coins can slide out of the exterior and interior washtubs and out through the drain hose. If the coins won’t budge, then you may have to continue to tip the washer back and forth until they fall out of the opening.
  9. If the chillars are being stubborn and won’t fall out from the machine, then you can bend a clothes hanger or a long wire to make a U shaped bend.
  10. After you bend your wire into shape, start by putting the “U” shaped side into the drain hose from the exterior tub opening. Using the wire in order to feed the coins through the drain hose and outside of the exterior tub.

After all the effort of removing all the loose change in your washing machine, you can now enjoy washing your clothes without any clanking! However if you are still experiencing problems with the machine you should call a technician to examine further and we will more than happy to assist you with the same:)

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