Why should we celebrate National Energy Conservation Day?



Energy Conservation Day is not a gimmick. And it also shouldn’t be looked upon as a one time – annual event.
National Energy Conservation Day is organized on 14th December each year by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the Ministry of Power.  The aim is to demonstrate India’s achievements in energy efficiency and conservation, while working towards its ambition of holistic development as part of the nation’s overall effort towards climate change mitigation.

The objective of National Energy Conservation Day :
– It is aimed to propagate the message of conserving energy in every walk of life.
– To promote the process of energy conservation.
– To educate people of ways to avoid excessive and wasteful uses of energy.
– To encourage people to make use of energy  efficiently in order to decrease energy consumption.


As responsible citizens we must be aware of ways & means to make judicious use of energy.

  • Less electricity used means less fossil fuels burned. It’s true that we can obtain electricity from cleaner sources of energy such as wind and solar power, but much of the electricity that we use is still from sources such as oil and coal.
  • Fossil fuels are not a clean source of energy either. Conservation of electrical energy can help to reduce pollution and lessen the greenhouse gas emissions. Decreasing our demand for electricity is the only long term alternate. For as they say –

    Energy efficiency is a journey not a destination. 

We are painting some cool walls at Chembur, Mumbai on 14th December 2017 to create awareness about the event.  Come join us.

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