Buying second hand or refurbished appliances for your home

second-handstarrantyIf you are looking at saving money by investing in second hand or refurbished appliances there are lots of options available for you to choose from. You may also want to pay close attention to the difference between used and scratch and dent appliances. Scratch and dent appliances are brand-new appliances that cannot be sold at brand-new appliance prices because of a minor dent or scratch. They are a great way to save money on new appliances, although they will be more expensive than used appliances. Going in for second hand appliances in Mumbai is very common amongst college students, paying guests, rental apartments and first time house buyers.

Some well known websites dealing with used or refurbished appliances are,,,,,

You may fret about the quality of the appliance but if you choose keenly these appliances will last long and serve you well. Each appliance comes with its own set of limitations so go on read.

When buying a used Refrigerator :
Keep the fridge running for a minimum of 60 minutes while inspecting.

  1. Seal: The sealer is the rubber strip that’s attached to the refrigerator’s door. Owing to the daily wear and tear, sealers in a second-hand fridge are extremely likely to become loose.
  2. Cooling and temperature: Open and close the refrigerator’s door multiple times to ensure that the interior light works properly. To check for the cooling ability, place an ice-tray filled with water inside the freezer. Also make sure to check for specific features which are model specific.

When buying a used Washing Machine :

  1. Capacity: You don’t want to buy a washing machine to use in a household of 6 people only to find out that you’ll need to divide the laundry loads into 6 separate piles before getting it done. The washing machine you buy should suit the size of your wash loads.
  2. Motor: Check the working of the motor by turning on the machine and running it for a while. If you hear screeching or unusual noises from the machine while it spins, it’s prudent not to buy it.
  3. Drum: Check if the drum has rusted. This part is one of the most important components in a washing machine, besides the motor.

    When buying a used Air Conditioner :
    Keep the AC turned on for an hour to check its cooling capacity. The AC you’re buying should have enough cooling power to     sufficiently cool the entire room it’s installed in.

  1. Ask For The Warranty details: Check if the air conditioner you’re buying is under the serviceable warranty period. Make sure that you have the original purchase documents to help you deal with the OEM when the AC requires repairs. But in most cases, the warranty on an appliance becomes null and void during transfer of ownership so make sure to check on this term as well.

It will be advisable to go in for Maintenance plans to help you with the upkeep of these appliances.

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