The best TV serials of the 90’s


Before the advent of scripted “reality shows” and the scheming daughter and mother in law stories, the Indian television had a remarkable era of beautiful stories to suit the varied Indian entertainment tastes. We are reminiscing few of our favorites here. Watching serials was a family affair and each of us looked forward to finishing our dose with this extra tadka.

Tu Tu Main Main

The plot of the serial revolved around a dominant mother-in-law and her un-matchable daughter-in-law. Reema Lagoo and Supriya Pilgaonkar were brilliance personified and won so many hearts. Their daily struggles and issues were depicted with a dash of of clean humour and candor with a touch of emotion, love and respect. This is so missing in the pompous serials of today. 

Banegi Apni Baat

This show revolved around early budding college romance.The heartaches and the challenges of teenagers. The strictness of the teachers wrapped in the perfect amount of tenderness was the highlight of the show.

Hum Paanch

This show had the perfect amount of  humour, madness and eccentricity. Hum Paanch was the story of a unhappy nagging wife, five daughters who had their own individualistic way of seeing life, a talking photograph of the dead first wife, and a husband finding it really hard to survive in the woman-dominated house!


This show was an absolute fantasy ride. The music was the catchiest and it was telecast on Sundays.  Chandrakanta also had the most awe-inspiring and fictional characters: from Yakku Kroor Singh to Rupmati and Shani. It was love melodrama and had a highly gripping plot. It was just unmissable and entailed complete attendance in front of the TV.

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