Are your appliances Christmas ready?


Tis’ the season to eat, drink, be merry and spread joy. The Christmas tree is up, the gifts are ready, the menu preparation done. By carrying out simple checks on your kitchen appliances, and keeping them in top condition, you can limit the risk of faults occurring over the Christmas period – meaning you can relax, unwind and enjoy the festivities with your family and friends.
Start with just the three basic appliances in the kitchen –

Cleaning & organizing the refrigerator :
The refrigerator will be bustling with food and supplies during this season. More food means limited space and limited airflow. Ensure that you follow smart placement so that food remains fresh for longest.
Foods that need to be frozen should be kept at the back of the refrigerator and other items which need only cooling should be placed towards the door.
Sometimes ice in the freezer may be contaminated with flavors and odours from all the other food | cold cuts | meat in both the freezer and the refrigerator as air moves between both compartments. Water sublimates from the ice cubes, resulting in smelly, little pieces of ice. Remove the old ice trays, give them a thorough rinse and let them dry out. This will help dissipate odours if any. Fill them and freeze them to be ready for your cocktails.
Get a variety of reusable food grade containers that will help with leftover storage. Keep these tips in mind too while loading your refrigerator.

Cleaning and servicing your exhaust fan or chimney :
With Indian cooking the kitchen can get quite steamy and smoky. An un-serviced and unclean chimney with oil dripping may be unable to handle the high level of frying and cooking that you have planned during the festive days.  Your ineffective chimney maybe crying out for some care, clean the greased up and clogged filters to see an instant improvement in the performance.

Clean the Microwave oven :
If you are going to be baking and Microwaving food, then the appliance entails a thorough cleaning.  Don’t forget in between the glass doors so that you can watch your food being cooked to your absolute satisfaction.

With the above simple to-do’s you can surely have a more enjoyable celebration. For the others that set in your way unannounced, remember Murphy’s law : Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Smile though it 🙂

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