3 absolutely doable New year resolutions for healthy appliances


The first month of the New Year is not for making and breaking resolutions. Some simple ones can be made a way of life. If we move on from the new gym membership, the commitment to daily meditation & yoga or the promise to give up on alcohol. This year, why not make some New Year’s resolutions you can actually stick to?  We are getting to the point of our everyday use appliances. With very minimal effort from your end, you can help extend their lifespan and also aid in reducing electricity bills –


Cleaning behind the fridge | Microwave and TV should not be a annual activity  If you are the kinds who likes to usually wipe down the walls monthly, then combine that with pulling out the fridge, microwave and other appliances and making sure you wipe down the wall and floor behind them as well. The coils are either on the bottom or the back, and all you need to do is give them a good dusting. If this activity is neglected, dust can build up on the appliance and hamper its functioning.


Colin and other solutions cannot be straight sprayed onto any appliance surface. If you are a spray and wipe type of person then you may be putting your appliance at too much risk. While spraying may seem like a harmless activity, the cleaner can actually run behind the nobs and can cause components to short circuit. The better practice to follow when wiping down your appliances is to spray the cloth first, then wipe the appliances, especially in the cases of TV’s and Laptops.


Broken appliances can be difficult to dispose off safely. The components of many household appliances can contain hazardous materials or gases, and many municipalities have strict guidelines for their disposal. Improper disposal of household appliances is damaging to the environment. Do the right thing and find a proper and safe way to get rid of your broken appliances. Many manufacturers have programs for the return and proper disposal of their appliances. Contact the manufacturer of your appliance and find out if the company runs such a program. Many organizations re-purpose various old appliances and use them for good causes. Check with local nonprofits to see if they have any need or use for your broken appliance. Lastly there are specific organisations across Mumbai that aid in disposing off used or unwanted appliances in an environmentally safe manner.

We wish you have a happy and happening 2018. Happy Appliances to you!


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