We use our electrical appliances all year long but during monsoons some of them act up.  Its been raining incessantly in Mumbai over the past few days and many a appliances in households may have gone kaput.
Blame it on the rrrain –aa aii iinnnnn. Don’t blame it on them 🙂
Our home appliances can go bad due to our neglect or sometimes just plain bad luck. To keep appliances in ship-shape during rains ; here’s what we can do :
1. Unplug Appliances during Heavy Rainfall
Heavy rains cause wavering voltage. Appliances aren’t designed to withstand such frequent power fluctuations. Unplugging them during heavy showers and thunder will help avoid damage.
2. Keep Appliances Away From Damp Walls and Corners
Leakage can cause a whole lot of damage to assets and appliances. Not placing appliances near damp walls and on wet floors helps.
3. Wipe off fungal Growth
Rain brings moisture and moisture brings fungi along. Clean and wipe off appliances frequently with a dry cloth to remove any traces of fungi.
4. Ensure appropriate grounding for Appliances
All heavy power consuming electronic appliances such as Refrigerator, AC’s, Microwaves, Washing Machines, etc., must be properly grounded. Also use plug points of the necessary capacity and voltage with respect to the appliance.
5. Keep Them Running
Make sure appliances are operated / switched on, once or twice a week to keep them up and running.


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