What exactly is Starranty?


What is Starranty?
Starranty is a convenient online platform where consumers can buy or book local services.  By making it easier, affordable, and safer to purchase services, we aim to transform a gamut of the service sector much like Flipkart and Amazon have done with their product portfolio (and now services). We are aware that this is a highly ambitious target but we believe this transition is inevitable and imminent and by hard work we can get there.

How do we solve this problem?
The local service space in India and Mumbai, though enormous, is highly fragmented, fraught with inefficiency, and largely transacted offline. Consumers spend a huge amount of their savings on local services every year. Each transaction is clouded with the fear of warranty honour, yet customers do prefer existing local service providers and keep waiting for them to turn up.
How we are trying to solve this?

  • Service provider acquisition and empanelment : We have spent most of our time recruiting service providers and it is a core activity for us. With a few mouse clicks or a phone call, our customers can find any type of help they need but the service providers at the backend are chosen with utmost care. We appeal to these providers by offering them additional business and do not accept any sort of subscription. This list of service providers is churned on a regular basis and is an ongoing process. They are verified by a multi-fold process.
  • Trust : You may worry about the reputation of a supplier you are dealing with on Flipkart or Amazon.in when you purchase an item or an electronic, but trust and safety are more important when the person is providing you with in-house service.  Starranty aims to establish itself as a leading consumer and safety advocate in the local service market by automatically vetting each provider.
  • Quality of service and price : Designing a platform for services is far more complex than a marketplace for products. Price quotation for most jobs requires an inspection first and then a dialogue between the customer and the service provider.  We have put in years of work into designing our platform and tweaking it to make it flexible and sophisticated enough to accommodate a a large segment of the local services.

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