How does empower its customers?

You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the businessZig Ziglar strongly subscribes to this belief and is committed to providing excellent service to both, the corporate and the individual who has placed their trust in us.
Our basket has grown and we now service more than Home appliances viz Washing Machine, Air Conditioners, Microwaves, TV’s,  Refrigerators & Clothes Dryers. We have added Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry to our portfolio.
Gym equipment repairs and maintenance across Mumbai, is the latest in our service line. 

We believe that today, with so many businesses offering the same basket of services and vying for the same customer, the consumer has become a very discerning entity. We are convinced that the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to empower our customers not only to expect superior service, but to be delighted in recommending us to friends and family alike.

If you are wondering how we do this, read ahead.

  1. We maintain accurate data: Data accuracy is of utmost importance in our line of business and is the crux of customer service. Precise data records equip us in not only in knowing our customers but also eases their lives through the timely servicing and maintenance updates.
  2. We offer consistent service: Consistency is the cornerstone of good service, which is why we pride ourselves on reliability as evident by our customer ratings, customer retention, repeat customer base and expansion base. Achieved through employee training and standardized process documentation, we ensure compliance with service delivery.
  3. We believe in providing value to customers: Starranty understands that consumers face many challenges with their electrical appliances on a near-daily basis. Although our main motive is to address these problems, we also believe in educating our customers. This is undertaken through customized solutions designed to cater to specific customer requirements, which include imparting technical know-how on home-visits, our corporate newsletter, and through our blog.
  4. We provide a unified multi-channel customer experience: Our customers can choose to communicate with us through either our website, email, or telephonically. We are quick to register the customer’s query | concern and handle it efficiently as per the channel of his | her preference.

Moreover, as an environmentally conscious company, we consider it a responsibility to use our business to inspire and create awareness towards the environmental crisis and other plaguing issues of today. This is done through various self-initiatives aimed at making a better world for everyone. Hope you try our services and allow us a chance to prove the difference.


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