Why we paint walls as a means to spread awareness?

Generating awareness through wall art and building a practice slowly but steadily, that’s what`we are at. The aim is to create awareness on several plaguing issues.
This activity is meant to engage people mainly children and create happy experiences from which they can take their own personal meaning & course. By engaging children in a visual communication process, we wish to enable them to think differently. Our imagery easily meets the eye and is always spiced with humor.  .
We have begun to recognize art as a “powerful tool” that goes beyond just beautification. By working alongside other associations, Starranty is able to get to the heart of some of the most pressing social issues and create awareness, while we also continue to enhance the visual character of Mumbai.
We do this on our own. We build our own concepts, colour palates and messages. Teaming up with children from schools has been the most fantastic experience ever. They are ever enthusiastic and enterprising. This weekend, March 10th 2018, we along with our army of kids painted the 80 feet wall of Hashu Advani Memorial School in Govandi, near Chembur Mumbai.  The theme revolved around International Women’s Day – HAR BETI SUPERHERO.
We wanted to highlight the issue of “equal access to education for both girls and boys”.
It has been statistically proven that girls drop out of school or are forced to give up on education mainly because of the following reasons :
1) Socio- economic factors
2) Expectations of domesticity
3) Lack of role models
4) Lack of inspiration

We believe that if we are able to inspire a figment of change, even in a single individual, our job done and efforts paid.
Our team at Starranty.com is easily approachable and if any of you is inspired to pick up a brush and beautify their own neighborhood | society walls, do give us a holler.

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