What should I do if I need a repair service during the COVID crisis?


Never have our appliances and gadgets mattered more in our lives. As coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, brings our city- country-world to a halt, our laptops, phones, refrigerators, ACs, washing machines and dishwashers are making it more than convenient to work, play, and stay in touch with the outside world while we remain contained indoors. This in itself increases our dependency, our reliance and use of these gadgets and appliances.
But consider a scenario where one of these indispensable tools of yours breaks down?
It will be unnerving and physically taxing but one needs to exercise restraint. Firstly take a moment to ask yourself these questions :
1) Is this appliance/gadget a matter of survival or comfort?
2) Can I do without this appliance/gadget with a little additional help & understanding from my family members?
3) Am I willing to contribute to the viscous cycle of fear-based selling and hiked spare part rates by being desperate?

Those who own and can work a screwdriver must consider fixing their devices/appliances on their own with a little online/ telephonic support. While reports suggest that there is a short supply of replacement parts, some of the most popular components available in stock are being sold at two and three times their standard prices. While you may want to, you can’t rush to book a service appointment like you could before.

The current situation we are in is fluid and is changing every day. We need to continue adjusting our protocols as necessary to do our part in helping to keep ourselves and our community safe.
We are committed to providing quality service and solutions within the best of our ability.
Here is what you can expect from us at Starranty:

Concerning Your Appointment: At the time of scheduling your service appointment, as well as when our technician arrives at your door, you will be requested to please keep the door open so that our technician has minimum contact with your internal home environment. Please follow all mandated protocols of distancing while you show our technician the unit/appliance to be repaired/serviced.

Concerning Our Technicians: We monitor the situation on a daily basis and our technicians have been equipped with masks and sanitizing material to be used when they are required to enter a customer’s home during a service call. Additionally, they have been trained in the best practices to mitigate the possibility of exposure for themselves as well as the customers they serve.

Please know that we at Starranty are training our staff to follow safety protocols and that we will continue to provide our services without up-charges or fear-based selling. You can count on us to provide service with caution, but with the same transparent prices and standards we have always upheld. In case we are unable to provide the service, we will be upfront in telling you. So count on us to provide you all the help and assistance as we together wait for this crisis to pass.


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