What International Women’s Day means to us!


Years of misconceptions have led to sufferings for the many of us. It is a misogynist belief that girls are lesser than boys and if you are nodding your head in disbelief, well hell YES this belief it does exist.
Discrimination and inequities remain and are extremely common and are sometimes so common that they become a norm for many and are inadvertently followed by many. Girls and women are valued less, fed less, fed last, not educated, overworked, underpaid, subjected to abuse and violated. Now don’t fool yourself by thinking this is a belief rampant in the villages, amongst the underprivileged, amongst the poor. Oh no no no, it is very much all around us right here in the metros too.

When women rise, we take along the family and in turn the community with us. As a society we must accept that acknowledging the true value of woman is not a sign of weakness.
Those of us who have the opportunity to be privileged, have the responsibility to speak for those who are not. We have the power to ignite minds and to inspire and we need to come out with this. Every girl & woman deserves the right to realize her own potential. Despite progress, more girls than boys still remain out of school.  Poverty, minority status, disability, gender-based distinction are among the many obstacles that stand in the way of women and girls fully exercising their right to participate in, complete and benefit from education.

We need to move beyond recognition of problems to working together. This is how Starranty is planning on bringing awareness towards Equality in Education.
Our campaign titled “HAR BETI SUPERHERO” goes online March 2018.
This is what celebrating International Women’s Day means to us. Inspiring the spirit and Igniting awareness. The time is now!


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