Do this everytime your kitchen sink clogs.


The biggest reason why kitchen sinks clog is because people aren’t mindful of what they’re putting down the drain. From eggshells to kitchen oils all food items are dumped down the drain and these can either jam or cause a buildup along the pipe’s walls. The first rule is to treat your kitchen sink with respect. Care for it in the present to avoid having to deal with big problems in the future.
Most clogged drains get the chemical treatment. Although chemicals can be very effective in removing blockages, they sometimes only temporarily take care of a problem. Or they don’t take care of it at all, which leaves you with pipes full of toxins. They also have damaging effects on pipes.

The magical baking powder and vinegar solution works well to clean mildly clogged drains. To use the baking powder and vinegar cleaning solution effectively, first pour a pot of hot water down the drain pipes. Next, throw in about half a cup of baking soda down the drain, and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, pour a mixture of one cup vinegar and cup hot water down the drain, cover with a drain plug, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Finally, flush your drain pipes one last time with hot water. Voila!

In order to DIY any plumbing issues, from leaks to clogs, you must know a bit about your plumbing . For really stubborn clogs, you might have to use a plunger. In the event of a stubborn clog, remove the strainer and try applying a flat plunger to the drain. If nothing happens in a few pushes, you may need professional help. The plumber will come with his set of tools and chemicals and will help you.

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