Cool lighting ideas

Most of us grew up in homes where lighting was more functional than decorative, but if you now have a creative bent to your mind then there’s a world full of room lighting ideas that you can do yourself, or have a professional electrician create and install . Break the monotony of conventional light fixtures with these creative lighting ideas to illuminate your living and work space.


1. Industrial lighting

A wide-encompassing category, this includes crafted lighting using industrial materials or old fixtures actually utilized in past industry, like the early 1900s Fairies lamp – once used to illuminate factory workstations, that now makes a great task light. Simple edison lights that can create a wonderful ambiance.

 2. Natural elements

Unique lighting designs often feature elements from nature. An example, hanging a lamp, affixed to a piece of twisted tree vine or bamboo. Tree stumps, small logs and shoots also make good lamp bases. Look up on Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration.

3. Reclaimed lighting

Local lighting shops, Lohar chawl and online websites often offer a treasure of fun lighting ideas. Old-school items, like the large lights from churches, removed from a high schools, clubs, can be used in various functions, such as kitchen pendant lighting. Screen places like Chor bazaar for some real gems that you can pick for dirt cheap rates.

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