When you decide to change your Refrigerator.


If changing or upgrading the Refrigerator is on your mind then our recommendation would be that you buy one with no bells and frills. Reliability and long lasting is the key mantra for us, not the talking, walking, ice from the door generating models. Listing down our two pennies on how we base our decision making process :

  1. We fix our budget : This key Q helps us narrow down models
  2. Measurements : We measure the space in our kitchen where the refrigerator must fit into viz Height, width and depth. How the doors will open and if there is enough space in the kitchen after the fridge is placed.
  3. Research : We visit stores and try choosing refrigerator brands that best fit our food habits and fall within our predetermined budget. Since we are hard core non-vegetarians, we prefer a refrigerator with great space in the freezer. This helps us stock well for the week. The veggie compartment is also of importance to us. We then check on the model number, exchange offers, electricity consumption, star labeling & delivery costs.
  4. Warranty details : This gives us an idea of the robustness of the product we are about to buy. We check if the machine comes with a part or a whole warranty and such details.
  5. Support & After sale Service : Its wiser to choose a brand that has an established repair support in the area of ones’ residence, so we feel. Even if our heart yearns the imported model, we judiciously check out its Indian counterpart.
  6. Online : Lastly we check for online deals to match with the above points and this forms the basis of our decision.
  7. We Purchase 🙂

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