Mistake 1: Using too much detergent
Excess detergent suds can hold dirt pulled from clothes and get caught in areas that won’t rinse clean, like under a collar.
It is always advisable to use the correct amount of detergent . You only need to use more detergent if the water in your area is hard water.
Mistake 2: Filling the washing machine incorrectly
In order to distribute the detergent evenly try the following order : clothes, then water, then soap.
Mistake 3: Unzipped zippers 
Metal teeth can snag delicate and woven clothing that’s being washed in the same load. Zip up zippers right to the top.
Mistake 4: Washing shirts buttoned up
This seems like a good idea, but it can stress buttons and buttonholes and lead to premature loosening of buttons. Take the time to unbutton your clothes.
Mistake 5: Not leveling the washing machine
If your machine is not level, vibrations can damage and wear out key components. Place a level on top of the machine and adjust the feet, which typically screw up and down, accordingly. It will also help absorb vibrations.
Mistake 6: Letting the dryer “rest” between loads
Some people like to wait an hour or more after one cycle concludes before putting in a new load. In fact, running back-to-back wash loads is smart and efficient. It lets you take advantage of retained heat from the previous cycle, cutting down on energy usage.
Mistake 8: Saving private socks
Place socks in the washer tub first, so they’re less likely to attach themselves to other garments and then go missing.
Mistake 9: Not cleaning your dryer
Lint buildup can clog the duct over time. A sure sign that your dryer is clogged is when it takes more than an hour to dry a load. Scrub the lint filter once a year with a small toothbrush and a bit of detergent. Rinse, then air-dry completely.

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