How to wash sweaters in the Washing machine


Mumbai has been experiencing some dip in temperature over the past few winters and this has got Mumbaikars to stash up the woolens. Care for woolens is as important as selecting the right one for you.
Before you begin washing your sweater in the washing machine –

  • Always turn sweaters inside out to keep them the way they are.
  • Try washing your sweaters after at least 3- 4 times of use.
  • For delicate knits, toss them into a mesh wash bag before they go into the machine.ALWAYS USE COLD WATER –
    When it comes to machine washing sweaters, water temperature is the most important criteria to consider.  Some washing machines are built with certain water temperatures cycles so be sure that you have checked this before setting the start button.
    The speed at which the drum agitates during the wash cycle is dependent on the mode selected. Because you already know that if you agitate your sweaters as little as possible they last longer and that is why choosing the cycle labeled “delicate” or “hand wash” is the thing to do.
    If your washing machine offers a choice when it comes to cycle length, go for the shortest available option. Some machines express time in actual minutes (usually 4-15), while some use the far less transparent terms lightnormalheavy, or super heavy. Choose wisely.
    HOW TO DRY –
    Always air dry washed sweaters. Don’t use the air dry setting on the washing machine or clothes dryer. Just lay the sweater flat and hand them to air dry.

    Now that it will soon be time to store your woollies away for the next year, it will be prudent to wash them before you zip them up and put them away into the storage loft. To keep them smelling fresh, place a bar of scented soap or scatter some moth balls.

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