LG Twin Wash Starranty

LG’s latest addition is the Twin Wash washing machine which offers a revolutionary way to wash multiple loads. This first of its kind innovative technology enables us consumers to wash two separate loads at the same time — now, we can handle big loads   (large bed sheets) in one, and at the same time wash delicates (workout wear, inner wear, etc) in the other mini washer at the bottom. The new mini washer is the heart of the machine that sits underneath. The machine has a capacity of 21 kg, the biggest capacity in the Indian market till now. The 3.5 kg mini washer maximizes the total capacity to 24.5 kg.

For Small Loads That Are A Big Deal

Sometimes all you need is a small load of laundry clean. The LG Twin Wash is perfect for such smaller loads. Whatever your reason for needing a second load – separating hand wash items or washing a dark colored dress for the first time – the LG Twin Wash offers an ideal solution.

The mini washer is completely separate. It pulls out from its housing like a drawer, to reveal its own separate controls and top-loading door. Users can then load in clothes and detergent, set it to the desired temperature and cycle, then leave it to wash while the main washer operates independently. It can be run independently or at the same time as the upper-washer. The Twin Wash boasts of a new ergonomically inspired design with increased height and improved tilt-angle of the drum.
Other popular features include steam cleaning and Turbo Wash, which deliver the same cleaning performance in significantly less time.
This machine has surely got our hearts racing 🙂

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