We all wash our clothes to keep ourselves and our clothes smelling fresh and clean. The climate in Mumbai is mostly humid and we sweat, Oh so much! So the question playing on our minds is to wash after each wear or not? Well, there are downsides to both extremes: Washing your clothes more than you need to can shorten their lifespan and wear them out quickly, but washing too rarely can be unhygienic and may cause bacterial growth. So here’s a general guide to follow:

Socks and stockings: After every wear.

Sportswear and swimwear: After every wear.

Jeans: Five to six wears. Although there are some that advocate washing jeans as little as possible šŸ™‚

Tops / kurtis: One to two wears.

Dresses: One to two wears.

Leggings & yoga pants: One to two wears.

Pants, skirts, and shorts: Three to four wears.

Jackets and blazers: Five to six wears.

Coats: Once every two months of wear.

PJs: Three to four wears.

Anything white or silk: After every wear.

Underwear: After every wear.

Jackets and sweatshirts: After six to seven wears.

Bras: After three to four wears especially the underwire types.

Leather and suede jackets: Never or maybe once a season. Get them professionally dry cleaned.

Shapewear: After One to three wears.

Sarees : After three to four wears depending on the fabric, else dry clean or air dry.

Shorts and khakis: After two to three wears.

Sweaters: Cotton, silk and cashmere after two wears, wool and synthetic blends after five wears.

Of course, this guide doesn’t apply to the days when excessive sweating or accidental spills happen, and to those who have differential and extreme hygiene preferences. On laundry days segregate clothes that need to be put into the washing machine and others that need to be hand washed. Following wash instructions on theĀ garment will help in sustaining it for longer use.

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