Common issues in a Fully Automatic Washing Machine


The washing machine is a savior all year round but especially during the rains. It washes, it cleans and it dries. Contrary to popular belief, washing machines require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate optimally. With washing machine maintenance, the best thing you can do is check the rubber hoses from time to time for any sign of wear and tear. Often, small blisters or cracks may develop in the rubber, which can rupture and lead to flooding. In this post we discuss, some common issues with respect to automatic washing machines –

1. Water not draining out of the machine
If the automatic washing machine is not draining, then most likely the drain motor which controls the out-flow of waste water from the machine is at fault. In other cases where the drain water is too slow to flow out, most likely there’s accumulation of dirt and lint in the drainage system.

2. Washing Machine not agitating
The wash cycle not starting  is one of the most common problems in top load automatic washing machines. The sensor which coneys to the machine that the lid has been closed and the machine now needs to start, is the issue and needs re-adjustment. This could also occur due to an issue in the weight sensor, which will then need to be replaced.

3. Washing Machine not spinning
Most likely this could be because of an unbalanced load, a faulty transmission, or a loose drive belt.
– Open the washing lid and rearrange the laundry inside the drum
– If the machine is still not spinning, then call for a repair service to have the machine checked

4. Washing machine making loud noise
Items like coins, buttons, erasers, jewellery, fancy decoration from women’s clothing, get trapped in between the outer tub and drum and maybe the cause of the noise. Checking the pockets before putting clothes into the washing machine will help minimize this. Overtime and with use, the bearings of the washing machine sometimes become loose or may degrade. This may also cause noise.

5. Water flow not enough or fills slowly
If the pressure of the water flowing into the wash tub has reduced suddenly then most likely there’s a blocked inlet filter or a fault in the inlet valve motor.

Starranty technicians are trained to diagnose and repair washing machine problems. We are more than happy to help you.



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