Is it time for a Digital Detox?

digitadetoxDo you ever check for email and messages before saying “good morning” to the family?
When you are out with friends, does your Phone occupy a seat at the table?
If you are around the dinner table, is each one of you busy on the phone rather than each other?
Do you sleep with your phone charging by your bed side?

Then. it may be time for a Digital Detox.

Like an extreme diet plan that cuts out all processed food for a short span of time with the promise of lasting good health, a digital detox means you unplug for a short time with longer-term benefit on your relationships.
If you are planning on implementing the same in your family circle then here are some valuable tips from people who have learned from experience :

– Give your family an advance warning. They need time to prepare mentally.
– Clarify your goal: Be careful not to swap technology use for some other activity that has been on your mind.
– Wean yourself off gadgets gradually. Maybe a week—or even just a single day—is just too long to go unconnected at first.
– Start when the kids are young. Its sometimes habitual to plop kids in front of cartoons to keep them quiet. When you unplug and take time to be with the family is when you are constantly engaged with one another.
– Use technology to help you disconnect. Use Facebook, Twitter or email to tell friends and family that you will be offline for the period.
– Make the bedroom a media-free zone. It is a proven fact that couples who have no television in the bedroom are more happier and have a fulfilling love life.
– Allow only one screen at a time. Give the TV, for example, your full attention, rather than also looking at your computer and the phone.
– When the detox is done, learn to avoid the wasteful effort of searching the internet and leading on from one search string to another.

Once you have established the unspoken rules, each one will follow suit and you will notice that life does not completely revolve around technology only and can be rewarding in many more simpler ways.

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