The Grand Mallu Feast Fest Onam is here!


Onam is incomplete without the grand Sadya.
The 10-day harvest festival celebrates the homecoming of the mighty and generous King Mahabali. Apart from fresh flower rangolis and power-packed snake boat races, the culinary highlight of the festival is an extensive meal called the Ona Sadya.

Sadya, in Malayalam means ‘banquet’ and is an amazing multi-course vegetarian meal that features over 24 dishes served on a fresh banana leaf.  It’s best enjoyed with the hands and is usually eaten sitting on the floor.
Listing down the items of a Sadya and the order of serving

On the Side

  • Kichadi (Cucumber in curd and coconut base)
  • Pachadi (Pumpkin in curd and coconut mustard base)
  • Avial (A mix of vegetables in cocunut base)
  • Thoran (Cabbage/French beans/String beans/Cluster beans stir fry with fresh coconut)
  • Erissery (Pumpkin with black chickpeas in coconut base with a dash of roasted cocunut as tadka)
  • Olan (Ash gourd/ Pumpkin with black eyed peas in cocunut milk)
  • Kalan (Raw plantain / Yam in coconut and curd)
  • Koottu Curry (Yam and or Raw Plantain in coconut)

Gravy dishes to mix with the rice

  • Parippu (Green split dal in coconut base)
  • Sambar (Mixed vegetables in dal)
  • Rasam (Spicy tangy tomato soup)
  • Pulissery (Tempered curd in coconut base)
  • Sambaram (Buttermilk)


  • Puli Inji ( Sweet & Sour Ginger pickle)
  • Naranga Achar (Lemon pickle)
  • Manga Achar (Mango pickle)


  • Sharkara varatti (Yam in Jaggery base)
  • Banana chips

Payasam: (3 or 4 varieties)

  • Payasam (Vermiclelli in milk)
  • Pradhaman

Other Items:

  • Rice
  • Pappadam
  • Banana

Though the order of serving may differ, in the ela (Banana leaf) more or less looks similar.

  • Top half of the leaf :  From Right to Left : The side dishes
  • Top half of the leaf :  Left hand side : Reserved for the pickles & chips
  • Bottom half of the leaf : Left hand side : Place for the banana & pappadam
  • Bottom half : Center : Occupied by the rice and gravy dishes

Fold your legs, get seated, enjoy.
Starranty wishes all Keralites a very happy and prosperous Onam 🙂

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