Diwali day menu in the making


The festival of lights is here and so is the gala food and get-togethers. Menu planning is serious business and is one of the toughest things to chalk off the list after the cleaning, decorating, shopping and inventory planning. The visiting and visitors continue for days. Having multiple items to choose from can ease your time in the kitchen and help you focus on enjoying the chit-chat moments with your family. Here is a small collection of vegetarian dishes  for you to pick and choose during the festive period.

STARTERS (Pick two or more) :
1) Starter items like tikkis, nuggets, cheese balls can be prepared before and frozen. Microwave or fry and serve on the D-day.
2) A aloo starter like a tandoori aloo or aloo tikki are all time favourties
3) A slight twist will be an addition of the classic dinner party appetizer, bruschetta which is fairly easy to put together.
4) Salads as simple as a pomegranate salad, tomato cucumber or a pasta salad are always welcome amongst the health conscious guests
5) You can also serve a variety of dips and salsas with olives, crackers

MAIN COURSE (Choose one variant of each category)
1) Any dish which includes paneer  that could be paneer butter masala, palak paneer, shahi paneer, paneer hariyali or paneer tikka
2) A Kofta dish which could be a lauki ka kofta, nargisi kofta or a grand malai kofta
3) A Dal variant in the form of a punjabi dal tadka, dal makhani, darbari dal
4) A Rice variant in the form of peas pulao, jeera rice, vegetable biryani,
5) For the accompaniment you can have naan, phulkas, rotis or pooris

ON THE SIDES (Choose any one) :
1) Boondi, cucumber, beetroot raita
2) Masala papad. You can prep up the papad in the Microwave beforehand and add the toppings before you are to serve

SWEET DISH (Choose one or two depending on your tooth 🙂
1) You can opt for simpler items like Basundi, kheer, Phirni, Halwa that can be easily made at home and stored in the refrigerator a couple of days prior.
2) Ladoos variants, Barfis, pedas can be purchased off the shelf.

Above all the cutting, cooking and cleaning in the kitchen do not forget to look happy and radiant and most importantly have a good time. Happy Diwali 🙂

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