Service-ac starranty

Thats’ an argument we have heard from many a customers.  A belief ingrained in us is that servicing an AC is seasonal and needs to be done only before the advent of summer. Well, yes it does but an AC also requires periodic maintenance checks!!
We give you a simple short read of 3 very important reasons that no one else told you, on why your AC does need periodic servicing.

1. Burning Wires

During an air conditioning checkup, the technician looks for wires that may be showing signs of fatigue or burning. Catching them and repairing or replacing them before they burn completely off can save you a compressor or a motor.

2. Dirty or Rusted Coils

One always needs to inspect both the condenser coil and the evaporator coil to verify that they are not rusted or clogged with dirt. If a coil is rusty we know it could rust a hole and all the refrigerant leaks out or through the bottom and water leaks in.

3. Drain lines

Air Conditioning produces water. Clearing of the drain lines is very important as they do exactly what they sound like, they drain water outside. If these clog up, the water could back up and overflow. This is checked during the routine maintenance.


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