improperinstallationstarrantyPurchasing a new Air Conditioner is a major expense and you need to make sure you get your money’s worth. The way your AC is installed can make a big difference on its performance and energy efficiency. As an informed customer you must have already put in basic research on the brand, its lifespan and durability.  We have listed few common mistakes, one makes and which can be simply avoided  :

  1. IMPROPER SIZING – Most people believe that bigger is better, and a sizing error is the most common mistake. If you have a system that is too big for the room then it will cause problems such as insufficient cooling and will increase the cost of your electricity bills substantially. Make sure that the unit you have installed is right for the amount of square footage it will be covering.
  2. INADEQUATE DUCTING – Insufficient ducting and improper insulation can cause your unit to be less efficient and have to work harder. The repeated overworking will cause the AC compressor to wear out faster, which can prove to be a major expense. Do not compromise on the size of the ducting. Correct distance between the outdoor and indoor unit is also a very important criteria.
  3. IMPROPER DRAIN HOLE AND PIPE INSTALLATION- If the overflow drains are installed improperly then, it increases the risk of leaking. If the water drains are not at the right pitch, then it will be nearly impossible for the moisture to be removed from the duct work. If the drain holes are not made at the correct tilt angle and position then it again causes the drain to flow inwards.
  4. INADEQUATE REFRIGERANT OR GAS CHARGING – On completion of installation, the system needs to be properly charged with refrigerant. If the unit does not have the right type and amount of refrigerant in place, then it will be very hard for a unit to perform as intended. Make sure that the technicians check the pressure readings after performing the gas charging.

Make note of the above and try to minimize these errors to gain maximum out of your Air Conditioning experience.

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